Patreon Launch 2.0 / by Elaine Fraticelli


I’ve now completely revamped my page info, my subscription tiers, and benefits, since I originally launched my Patreon page back in August 2018.

I’m super excited to offer 4 tiers.

The first, is for the believers. You guys get access to patron only posts that show more of the expansive work I do than my normal social media websites, as well as studio tour videos, personal musings about art, and speed painting videos of projects made especially for patrons. Believers also get direct access to new artwork and other products (stickers, pins, prints, etc) through patron only posts and, have the privilege to directly connect with me via social media, email, or text messages, whatever floats your boat! I want to keep in contact with those who are supporting me, both financially and emotionally. Welcome to my family! :)

The second, is for my supporters. You guys get everything from above and 50% credit towards purchases whenever you'd like. (Your "lifetime support" to me divided in half = your credit towards new purchases) and, (the thing I’m super excited about right now is) a seasonal greeting card personally sent out to friends, family, and patrons. Again, welcome to my family!

The third, is for my heroes. You guys get everything from above and free products upon release such as, a free sticker, pin, other "merch", or poster print (Excludes giclee prints and original artworks) and, a personal critique of your product if you are another artist or creator, and a free tutorial lesson of your choice. (Oil Painting, Realistic Drawings, Lights and Darks, Figure Drawing, Symbolism in Art, Composition, Developing a Process) I’m super excited about making these, but definitely need the financial support to make them happen.

The fourth, is for collectors. You guys get everything from above (which is a lot btw) and free original artwork ranging from elaborate sketches to full detail drawings. Whatever I've been working on, you can collect pieces of the process, personal musings, and artistic expressions that I make during my studio time (or boredom at work lol). These drawings can range from $10 - $150 in worth and will be delivered every few months when available. :)

I’m putting a lot of personal effort into this in hopes that those who wish to support me, but can’t afford an original piece, have a way to do so. Thank you to those who continually like and share my posts on social media and who provide me with input when I’m stuck on a project. You all are continually helping me find the motivation to continue my passion for painting and art when the world is so structured against it.

A little bit more about the benefits of being a patron:

The seasonal greeting card - I’m designing these to send out to my family and close friends but would also like to extend the offer for patrons to be included in that mailing list. These cards are based on the coming season and will be mailed about three to four times a year. Each design will be based on an idea surrounding that season. For example, this first card is for spring and will be mailed out for the Easter season. The ideas around spring are more universal than just Easter celebrations so my design will incorporate new growth, healing, and rebirth after the long winter season.

The “merch” - I want to design small, hand held, personal items with sayings and images that inspire, encourage, and strengthen the individual, not just “sell my brand. These projects also require monetary investment and right now I’m stuck with several designs, but no buttons yet. One design I want to make into a pin, is an ambigram of “what we believe we create” which can be rotated to read “what we create we believe”. I think this is a universal reminder that the energy we put into the world reflects what we believe and who we are and that it’s important to be conscious of that as we follow our passions and try to make the world a better place. And for just a few bucks more per month you get a piece of each of these for free. (Because you basically already bought them) :)

The tutorial lessons - Sharing knowledge is incredibly important and I want to create videos that detail my process and my understanding of art and the way I put the world into my paintings. I know that I could benefit from videos like these from different professional artists, so I want to grab the reins and start making my own for others like me.

The original drawings - I often create beautiful things as experimentations for larger final pieces and I want to gift those to my biggest financial supporters. Since the subject matter and materials are so unique to each project, it’s a mystery what you might be offered every couple months. I’ll notify patrons personally of their options and they can pick which pieces they would like and I will ship them free of charge. (Again, it’s the least I can do for your continued support).

I’m incredibly passionate about these new projects and adventures with patrons. I will continue to pursue these projects and goals any way I can, but outside help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you again in the future!

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