Character & Flaws Print

PSFragile Wings.jpg
PSFragile Wings.jpg

Character & Flaws Print

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Character & Flaws
Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 30"
September 2014

With this piece, I was exploring the abstract style of the Icelandic artist Anna Joelsdottir in 2D while investigating cracks and "flaws" that bring character and life to an object. I layered acrylic paint mixed with white to create the choppy shapes in the background that bring subtle light and peace to the picture. Then I traced some of the angles with a small detail brush and added swirling and jagged lines of colors, both bright and dull. The abstract shapes have a fragmented look but also seem animal like in their arrangement, almost like a wing or an eye.

These prints come unframed and shipped in a padded photo mailer for their protection.

One framed print is available for Pick-up only.

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